Sportspickr League Winners

Sportspickr doesn’t prescribe how leagues determine their winner(s).  We purposely let each league determine this on their own because there are many ways to do this. Below are the most popular ways but there are many others.

Weekly head-to-head winners – Each Tuesday, look back at previous week and award a prize for each head-to-head matchup winner.  Play for fun or offer prizes.  Prizes can be pre-determined for each head-to-head winning team or determined by the number of points won.

Season Matchup Winner – For Head-to-Head leagues, weekly matchups are tracked on Head-to-Head tab in Standings.  Like familiar fantasy leagues, this tab overall record by week along with details.  The team with most wins for period can be awarded a prize by league.

Single winner – The single team that scored the most H2H points the previous time period wins a prize determined by league.  You can have weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. winners.  You can also have a season.  An example of this is a football league that starts opening week of NCAAF and end on the Super Bowl.  The team with most points, like in a fantasy football league, can win a trophy and/or cash prize.

Note: Sportspickr does not offer any prizes.  All prizes are administered and exchanged by each league outside of Sportspickr.