Quick Start Guide: Sportspickr H2H League

Sportspickr offers a unique head-to-head Fantasy Sportsbook that allows you to make sports picks and compete with your friends much like you do playing fantasy football, fantasy baseball, etc. This guide will show you the basics on how to get started after you have joined a Head-to-Head league.

This guide assumes you have joined a league and have already created a team. If so, be sure download the Sportspickr mobile app for IOS and Android.

When you log in, you land on the League page that has current weekly points standings and a few menus below. For now, take a look at Schedule tab in the bottom menu. This is who you will be playing this week. At Sportspickr, weeks start on Tuesday and ends Monday night.

Now that you know who you are playing this week, select the Picks tab from top menu. If you are using mobile, be sure to select menu drop down at very top on right side and not one next to Standings.

On the top of the picks page you will see all the sports you can pick. By default, all boxes will be selected so de-select any sports you are not interested it.

The games will refresh as soon as you check the boxes. From there you can see all the games that currently have odds this week. This page will change daily, even hourly when lines come out so if you’re looking for a game that’s not shown check back later. Once you find a game you are interested in, click on it to expand it and see options.

Once expanded, there will three categories to pick from for most leagues: Point Spread (team selected must win/lose by spread), Moneylines (team selected just needs to win), and Totals (total points/runs/goals combined for both teams must be under/over).

Before making a pick, you can see how that team has done by selecting the “i” icon next to team name.

After selecting the “i” you will see a pop-up that shows: team ATS record this season, league ATS trends, betting splits, team injuries, recent results vs opponent, and last 20 overall results along with their ATS cover history. This pop-up will show results that correspond to the period selected. For example, if you select it for a team under “First Period” the results will show how the team did historically in first period.

Once you’ve done your research and are ready to make your pick, simply check box next to team to make selection and enter unit risk. Default unit risk is a single unit. A “unit” is default setting in league that equals the default points per pick. By default, one unit will be 10 points. If make a pick with 1 unit risk you are risking 10 points that your pick wins. In this example, I’m picking the Flyers moneyline at +121. If the Flyers wins the game, I’ll win 12.10 points. If they lose, I’ll lose 10 points. This is the same payout and risk as if you went to a sportsbook in Vegas. Instead of dollars, you win and risk points.

After I saved my pick I received a confirmation of my save along with how many points I’ve used for the week. This message shows I’ve risked 20/100 points towards the minimum and 20/800 points towards maximum points for the week.

Each week, there is a minimum and maximum amount of points you can and must risk. Think of this as your weekly budget. This league has a 100 point minimum and 800 point maximum. Every point risked is applied to minimum. Only picks that actually finish with win or loss is applied towards maximum. For example, if a baseball game gets postponed or total points pick ends in a draw, those points are not counted towards maximum. Sportspickr will prevent users from going over maximum number of points but it does not enforce minimums. If a player doesn’t meet minimum picks, the league must deal with penalty for those teams.

Now that I have made my pick(s), let’s go to the scoreboard tab and see how to track my picks.

The default scoreboard view shows my picks for entire week. I have made two picks on games that haven’t started, yet. The red/green thumbs show how my lines have changed since making the pick. Sportspickr’s lines change throughout the day and this show where the line is now relative to when I picked it. The Sabres line is now +145 as compared to when I picked it when it was +131, so it’s showing a red thumbs down indicating my line would be better now if I had waited. On the other hand, my Flyers pick is now +117 and is worse than when I picked it at +121. My thumb is green indicating I got a good number relative to what it is now.

My team, Z, is playing Wints20 this week. I won’t see any of his picks until his games start. If you select “All Teams” and “Today” from the dropdown you can see what action is happening or happened today with all teams in the league.

As you can see, Undertaker made some soccer picks this afternoon that have already settled. He lost 10 points to Fuzz on 2 picks but won 23.45 and 14.60 on two other picks.

Let’s take a look at what happens once games begin. Below is what scoreboard looks like when games are in action.

The first thing to notice is that my opponent, Wints20, has 3 picks in action. I’m very interested in those games because I win what he loses and lose what he wins. I’ll go into more detail when these games end and picks are settled. For now, just know I am rooting for Wake Forest +11.5, Over 137.5 on Purdue/Indiana, and need Mississippi to beat South Carolina. Each matchup has amount of points risked so you know how much each game is worth. Overall, I have 5 games in action that I care about.

Games that are in action get their scores updated every couple/few minutes. The exception to this are picks that are for quarters/halves/periods/1st 5 innings. These picks only show scores when those periods complete. Most often, they settle right after the period completes but some periods wait until entire game is over. Let’s look at the scoreboard after the games end and picks are settled.

First, let’s see what the scoreboard looks like when I select my team, “z” from dropdown.

It was a rough night. I lost both of my picks and my opponent won 2 out of his 3 picks. When I select a user from scoreboard, the “result” is from their perspective. Since Wints20 won Purdue/Indiana under and SC ML, I lost those 2 games. Overall, I lost 28.40 points tonight. This perspective is a quick way to look at scoreboard and know how I did overall with my picks and my opponent’s picks.

Now, when I look at it from “All Teams” in dropdown, the results are from the picking team’s perspective and shows how entire league is doing with their picks. Wints20’s results now show as “won” because he won those picks. The points exchanged doesn’t change from either of these perspectives, only the result icon changes.

Let’s now take a look at Leagues page and look at current Standings since these picks have settled.

The default view on the Standings table is “This Week”. This shows real-time standings as soon as picks are settled. Below are what each column shows.

  • W: Total picks won. This includes individual games in parlays and teasers if the parlay or teaser picks win.
  • L: Total losing picks. If a parlay or teaser pick loses, it only counts as a single loss.
  • T: Total number of picks that push.
  • PCT: Winning percentage of picks.
  • H2H PTS: This is net points for each team and the one that is most important number to look at in this table. Each matchup will have an inverse total. For example, Wints20 is has 28.40 and Z has -28.40. Undertaker has 18.05 and his opponent has -18.05. Fuzz has -18.05 H2H POINTS even though he hasn’t made a single pick because his opponent has netted 18.05 with his 4 picks.
  • PF (Points For): This is total points each team won/lost with their own picks. Note: This column is optional and not shown by default. You league administrator needs to turn this on in league settings.
  • PA (Points Against): This is total points the team’s opponents have scored against them.
  • <Graph>: Show net points by day for week shown.

There is another view in Standings that shows weekly winners and their historical records. The wins/losses in this table are based on weekly matchups. Click the HEAD-TO-HEAD standings menu item to see this view. The data in this table gets calculated Tuesday mornings after each week completes.

You can make picks every day until you are out of points for week. Be sure to risk the minimum before Monday night. On Tuesday morning you can select “Last Week” from Standings and see final results from previous week. Most leagues payout prizes for each head-to-head matchup based on points. Your league will determine how this is done. Sportspickr does not facilitate reward distribution or payments.

You now know the basics on how to get started with Sportspickr’s Head-to-Head League. There are many more features to discover but the one thing you absolutely must do is download the free Sportspickr mobile app. The app is identical to the website and allows you receive notifications on the go. Also, take a look at our FAQ page along with release posts that has details on many more features.

Good luck!