Chief ATS Record

The Kansas City Chiefs hold the longest current ATS streak with an 0-11 over cover record in the 3rd quarter. What makes this streak surprising is that the Chiefs are 2nd in the NFL, only 1 point behind the Packers, with most points by team this season with 348. The bookmakers, not surprisingly, give the Chiefs a lot of respect (maybe too much?) because the only periods they are above .500 ATS is in the 1H and 4Q. Here is the Chiefs ATS record by type and period this season going into tomorrow’s game vs. Broncos. Just in case you’re interested, the current 3Q o/u line is 10.

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NFL Week 13 Teaser Key Numbers

Key numbers are based on Wong teaser method along with teasing underdogs in games where the total is under 41.5. The latter’s theory is that low scoring games will be close and the extra 6 points added to the underdog spread will cover the tease.

This week numbers have you picking both sides of the same matchup in teaser. The Washington/Pittsburgh game has a total of exactly 41.5 (take underdog) and Pittsburgh with a -9 key number so you should tease that down to -3. All you need is a not-so-decisive Steeler victory in a low scoring game. Sounds easy enough to me. 😉

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20.08.17 Release – Team Search

It’s been too long but we finally have action, again. During the pandemic we were able to work on a few small things that I hope you will find useful.

On the Picks page, you can now look for matchups by searching for a team. There is now search box under the sports section that you can enter the name of the team and the picks will be filtered to match that team.

Another feature we added is the ability to quickly Google for a real-time score. Sportspickr’s scores update every few minutes for games and for periods and halves you must wait until the period is over. Now, when a game is “in progress” or “TBD” you can select that icon in the scoreboard and it will open a google search for that matchup with the latest score. Now there is no more hand typing “Terek Grozni vs Spartak Moscow” to get the latest overseas soccer update from your sadistic opponent’s pick.

For parlays, if you are using a Safari browser or the Sportpickr mobile app, it will open both matches if they are live. Other browsers may only open first matchup.

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20.02.10 Release – ATS Stats

For Sportspickr Premium Individual users, when you click on the info icon next to team name, you will now see each team’s record against the spread for current season. ROI% is the return on your picks if you picked the team to cover each game. FADE% is the return on your picks if you faded (picked against) the team on every pick.

Note: If you don’t see the “I” icon next the team names, your Sportspickr Premium Individual membership expired. You can renew here.

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19.02.07 Release – XFL

XFL kickoffs this weekend and Sportspickr has all the XFL games this season for Sportpickr Premium leagues. If you don’t see XFL sport, your admin must add it in league settings.

Admin: If you don’t see XFL in league settings, your Sportpickr Premium Membership has expired. You can renew here.

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20.01.12 Release – Bump Requests

For Premium Head-to-head leagues, teams can now customize their matchup settings. This is done with a new feature called “Bump Requests”. This feature is for matchups that want different limits for their current opponent than what the league has set as default. For example, the most common request is for increase in Max Points to Risk. Now, if you and your opponent want to have a bigger budget than league default, you can change these on your own.

On League page, go to bottom menu and select Matchup Settings. Here is where your current settings are shown for your matchup. These all default to the league settings set up by your admin.

Select Request Bump button at bottom.

Edit any of the values to what you would like them to be for current week. There are unlimited number of requests you can do so you can do incremental bumps throughout the week. For example, you can add a 200 points to the setting “Max points to pick” by changing the default value from 600 to 800. If you and your opponent quickly run through all 800 points, you can send another request later in week. These changed settings will only be in effect for current week.

After making changes, select “Send Request” and you opponent will get a notification to review the request and either accept it or reject it. They will also see a banner in app that they have a request to review. The changes requested will be red. If accepted, the changes are effective immediately. The sender of the request will get a notification that opponent has either accepted or rejected.

Prior to this release, admins could make these changes in schedule settings for each matchup. Now teams can quickly do this on their own. Custom matchups are a very popular feature on Sportspickr and we’re glad to make this easier for everyone.

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