Premium User Features

When you upgrade to a Premium user membership, you get all the features list below.  These will apply to all your Sportspickr leagues.  You get all these for first month after you join a league to try out.


Both Standard and Premium leagues get notifications on desktop and mobile devices for notifications you opt into.  See our notifications page for more information.

Multiple leagues

You can always join more than one Sportspickr league and easily switch between them by selecting league in upper right-hand menu.  This is available for both Standard and Premium users.

Line movement history

Premium users can see view the line movement history for all lines offered if the line has changed after first published.


Line movement icons in scoreboard

Premium users can see how the current line of their picks fares against the number they picked for games not yet started in scoreboard.


Team won/loss history

Premium users can easily view history of teams.  This includes: Last 10 starts for MLB pitchers, last 10 results vs. opponent matched up that day, and finally the last 20 game results are shown for current season.  Results are by odd type so if you select history for game, you will see this data based on historical game data.  If you select, for example, first five innings you will see the results through first five innings.  Note, history data is available for most matches since 10/2016.

MLB starting pitchers

For MLB games, Premium users can see starting pitchers above the pick selections when available.

Weather Forecasts

Premium users will see weather forecasts for all MLB, NFL, and NCAAF regular season games.  Weather forecasts include temperature, precipitation, and wind to help you get an edge when picking games with inclement weather conditions.

Team Injuries

Premium users have access to latest team injuries.  If a team has injuries, they will be shown on top section of team history pop-up.  Sportspickr provides injury updates for MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and most NCAAF and NCAAB teams.

Season ATS Records

Premium users can view the ATS (Against the Spread) record for all teams for their current season. Records are shown for a variety of splits (home, away, favorite, underdog, etc) and show ROI% and FADE% along with streaks.

Export scoreboard picks

Premium users can export league pick history from scoreboard to do a deep dive in favorite spreadsheet application.

Advanced standings filters

Premium users can filter standings and get detailed results by opponent in league, pick type (single pick, parlay, teaser), line type (moneyline, point spread, total points), duration (game, half, first quarter, etc), sport (nfl, nba, nhl, etc) and even team.

Advanced scoreboard filters

Premium users can also filter the scoreboard with same filter options as standings.  In scoreboard, premium users can see individual picks and results based on those filters.

Show and hide lines

Have you ever played “guess the lines” to try and find value in published lines? This is where you look at upcoming matchups and try to guess what you think the line is/should be. Premium users can hide the lines on the picks page to try and guess them. If you find a large delta between what you thought the line should be and what the actual line is there could be a value play for you.  Simply toggle the hide switch on the picks page and the lines will appear/disappear. Hide the lines, make a guess, and expand the matchup to see how you did.