Premium League Features

Below are details of the features you get when you upgrade your league to Premium.  When you create a new league, you get all the Premium features for one month free to try.

Max number of teams in league

Standard leagues can have a max of 10 total teams participating in their leagues.  Premium leagues can have up to 30.  A team is counted when it has accepted an invitation to your league.


Both Standard and Premium leagues can make picks from these leagues:

NFL – National Football League

NBA – National Basketball Association

MLB – Major League Baseball

NCAAF – NCAA Football

NCAAB – NCAA Basketball

Premium leagues also get to make picks from these leagues:

NHL – National Hockey League

Soccer – Soccer matches from all around the world

WNBA – Women’s National Basketball Association

MMA – UFC MMA matches

KHL – Kontinental Hockey League

AHL – American Hockey League

SHL – Swedish Hockey League

HALL – Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan League

PGA – PGA events (pick winner)

CFL – Canadian Football League

WBC – World Baseball Classic

LIDOM – Dominican Professional Baseball League


XFL – eXtreme Football League

Odd types

All Standard leagues may select from game odds.  Game odds are odds given for outcome of game.  Premium leagues get Quarter, Half-time, and First Five Inning odds for games that support this feature.  These additional odd types are shown under each game and give users more options to select.

Max picks per week/team

Standard leagues have a limit of 30 picks per week.  Premium leagues have unlimited picks.


Premium leagues can pick teasers for all basketball or football leagues.  See this link for an explanation of how teasers work.


Premium leagues can make parlay picks.  See this link for an explanation of how parlays work.

Remove vig from team sports lines

Premium leagues can choose to remove the vig from moneylines for all picks by sport.  By removing the vig (house margin) your picks will have cheaper lines.  This post has more details.

Enter units to risk

Premium leagues have an option to allow users to increase the number of units up to 100 times (admin sets min and max units/pick) the default points for sport.  For example, if your league uses 10 points as basis for a user can raise the stakes of a pick by increasing units risked from default of 1 to 2.  This means the pick is now worth 20 basis points.  If a +100 pick wins, the user now wins 20 points instead of 10.

Schedule management

Premium leagues admins have a schedule management screen that allows options for weekly matchups.  Admins can manually match up users each week, lock schedule so it doesn’t reset every Tuesday, and an option to allow users to play against a single opponent (“default opponent”) where the default opponent does not make picks but accepts picks from other teams.

Custom matchup settings

Premium leagues admins can update matchups with custom settings that are different from league settings.  This allows matchups to customize the following settings for their matchup only. Teams can also send “Bump Requests” directly to their opponents and not go through league admins.

  • Min/max points to risk per week
  • Parlays: max games in a pick
  • Parlays: max picks per week
  • Parlays: max units per pick
  • Teasers: max games in a pick
  • Teasers: max picks per week
  • Teasers: max units per pick

Delete picks

It inevitably will happen.  As admin of your league, you’ll get the panic call from someone in league that goes something like this “Dude, I screwed up.  I accidentally picked Iowa Over 54 instead of UNDER 54.  Can you do me a solid and fix that?”.  Once a pick is saved it’s not editable but if you have a Premium league, the admin can delete a pick anytime.  Any picks that are deleted are shown on League home page so there is transparency with other teams.

Super picks

Super picks allow leagues to have a subset of picks to have extra juice.  If your league has a max of 2 units per pick and the league admin configures league to have 1 picks for 10 units, each team can make a single super pick for 10 units each week.