Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pause my league?

To pause a league, meaning no one can make a pick but the league maintains pick history in standings, you simply set the Season End Date of league for the day you want to pause.  When an end date is added, users can still log in but they will no longer see any picks to make starting at 12:00am on the date entered for Season End Date.  When you want to un-pause the league, simply remove the date in admin screen and save.


How can I reset the Standings in my league?

If you want to reset the standings for an existing league and don’t want to create a new league and invite teams back, you can change the Season Start Date in admin settings to a future date.  The Standing will only look at pick results >= Season Start Date.  All picks before the Season Start Date are ignored.

What is a money line?

Moneylines are odds for teams to win game/match outright.  In most cases, ties are pushed with exceptions in certain soccer and hockey matches.  Points won are determined by the odds shows with each side.

Moneyline odds increase as the chances of the favorite winning increases.  See this example:

Floyd Mayweather -600
Connor McGregor +400

In this example, those picking Floyd Maywether need to risk 600 points to win 100 points, while Connor McGregor backers need to risk 100 points to win 400 points.

See this page for all pick types and how winners are determined.

Why are there games missing in team history?

Team history for each team show history of each team’s games since fall of 2016.  If a game is missing, it’s because there weren’t published odds for that match for that line type.  For instance, Rice vs. Stanford matchup will not show history for this game under money line history because there wasn’t a money line published for this game.  If you go to point spread and select team history, you will see this matchup because a point spread was published.

Under the section “Team vs. All (Last 20)” will show the team’s history for last 20 games for current season, only.

Under the section “Team vs. Opponent (Last 10)” will show history since fall 2016, not just this season.

How can I find my opponent this week?

In head-to-head leagues, on Standings tab you’ll see a menu on bottom half of page with “Schedule” where you will see who everyone is currently playing this week.

What happens when MLB game is suspended or postponed?

All suspended and postponed MLB games are treated as no action on Sportpickr.  The pick doesn’t count towards total for week and no result occurs.

When I win pick, how come I don’t win points back that I risked?

When Sportspickr settles picks, it returns the net result of pick and does not return the points risked.  For example, you risk 10 points on a +100 pick and win, you will win 10 points, not 20.  You do not get the points you risked returned.  The 10 points you risked count towards your leagues min/max budget so they are not returned.

How do I get started?

If you downloaded the app from the Apple IOS store or Google Play store before creating a league online, you won’t get very far.  You need to first visit to create an account and/or league.  Once you have an account, you will be able to manage your team with the app after logging in.

What happens when a game time or date changes?

Rules at most sportsbooks require games to be played on the stated date for action to stand.  The same rule applies in Sportspickr.  If a game time changes, picks will stand.  If the date changes, the picks will be cancelled and teams will need to make picks again on new date.  If pick is in a teaser or parlay, those picks will be pushed.

How do I win my league?

Each Sportspickr league decides how their league winner is determined.  The most popular are weekly head-to-head winners and a single time period or season winner.  See this post for more details.

Is it possible for my opponent and I to get a higher limit on points that the current league setting?

If you and your opponent want more points to play with but the rest of the league is comfortable with current settings, one of you can request a bump.  See this post for details.

Why does scoreboard show I won when opponent lost pick?

When filtering by a team name in scoreboard, the won/loss indicator is from context of the filtered name.  In this example, Schnor picked the Golden Knights moneyline and lost.  The scoreboard shows “won” because Z, his opponent, won 10 points and the view was filtered on Z.

If the view was filtered by “All Teams”, it would show same result as a loss because in that view, won/loss is based on team who made the pick.



What happens when a game is cancelled?

When you make a pick and the game is cancelled, the pick will be counted towards your minimum requirement for the week but not your maximum.  The reason for this is that if a team makes a pick late Monday to hit minimum but wakes up Tuesday to find that game was cancelled, they shouldn’t be penalized because they attempted to make minimum.  On other hand, a team should still be able to pick again since that pick didn’t count.

Why are there no games shown after Monday?

No games are shown after Monday because that is last day of week versus your opponent.  Tuesday morning you will have a new opponent with upcoming games for week that have odds.  Many odds get posted day or two before match so you will see new games appear each day throughout the week.

Who is “Sportsbook”?

In Head-to-Head leagues, if there is an odd number of teams one team will play Sportsbook.  Sportsbook is a team that won’t make any picks but will allow other teams to make picks against it.  Sportsbook allows all teams to always make picks each week, even if there isn’t a real opponent.  Since Sportsbook doesn’t make picks, it’s opponent will only score points on it’s own picks that week.

How are wins and losses determined in Standings?

In Standings table the wins, losses, and ties are summed from outcome of each pick. If a team wins a individual game (not parlay or teaser) with their pick, they earn a single win.  Same applies to losses and ties for individual game picks.

If a team wins a parlay or teaser pick, they earn a win for each win in the parlay or teaser.  If they lose, they get a single loss in standings.

Note: For parlays and teasers, the loss will be applied to first game in the series of games.  This is notable because if you pick two or more different sports in a parlay and lose, the loss is applied to the first game/sport so when you filter standings by sport, that parlay loss will count towards only the first sport picked.

What do these thumbs up and down on scoreboard mean?

For games picked that haven’t started, premium users will see an icon that shows whether the current line offered for the side you picked is better or worse than what you picked.  See this page for more details.

Where do your odds come from and how often are they updated?

Odds for Sportpickr come from a variety of sources: BetOnline, Pinnacle, Bookmaker, Bovada, GTBets, William Hill, Bet Fred, 5Dimes, and Intertops.

Lines are updated anywhere from 4 to 20 times per hour depending on platform availability.

We use different sources for different sports depending on the types of lines offered and availability of the source data feeds.  Unfortunately, because of the variance of availability we are unable to share what lines are used where because they change often.

Why does scoreboard still shows “In Progress” for game that ended an hour ago?

Most of our scores are updated within 2-20 minutes after game ends.  Sometimes our data feeds get confused and forget to update certain games.  If you see a pick that hasn’t been settled after an hour past completion date, email us and we’ll fix it ASAP.  Otherwise, sit tight and it will eventually get updated on its own.

Why are MMA fight times an hour earlier than other listings?

MMA matches are set an hour earlier than the scheduled in Sportpickr.  This is because they don’t have hard start times and matches start soon after previous match ends.  By moving times up an hour earlier, it makes it highly unlikely that an MMA fight will still be listed after it starts.  We’d rather remove the listing too early than too late.

If, by bad luck, a fight does start more than an our earlier than scheduled, Sportspickr will remove from picks listings as soon as we get a score update.

Do 2nd half scores include overtime points?

Yes, all scores for 2nd half football and basketball games will include any points scored in overtime.

I need to take a week off, how can I do that without leaving league?

Even though Sportspickr doesn’t rest, you can take time off from you league by going to Preferences->League and change status from Active to Paused.  This action will take effect the following week when schedule is created.


What happens when MLB starting pitcher changes after my pick?

In some sportsbooks, when the listed starting pitcher changes after making a pick, the pick is cancelled.  At Sportspickr, all MLB picks are treated as “action” picks.  That means that even if there is a pitching change, you are locked into your original pick.

When MLB game is shortened, what action is live?

When a game is shortened in MLB, all action is live. This means that money lines, run lines, and over unders are all still counted in standings for that game even though the game didn’t go full 9 innings.

What happens with push in a teaser?

If a selection in the teaser pick is a push, the teaser will drop to the next lower level payout unless there is only a single winner in a teaser pick. If there is only a single winner in any teaser pick, it will be graded a push.

How are over unders graded in MMA?

For MMA fights, over/unders are graded by using the round the fight ended in.  If the fight goes over the halfway point in a round (2:30 for most), an additional 1/2 point will be added to score unless the round is first or last round.

What happens if team doesn’t pick minimum picks in week?

Sportspickr doesn’t enforce minimum number of picks each team must pick if minimums are set for league.  Each league should have a penalty they enact on their own for users who do not meet minimum number.

For NHL games, what happens with overtime and shootouts?

Overtimes and shootouts count towards the final score. If a team scores in overtime or wins shootout one goal will count towards final score. So money lines, puck lines, and totals are affected.

Why is pick is showing up in next week scoreboard?

On rare instances, a game schedule on Monday evening gets delayed a few hours into Tuesday am start time.  This is seen, most often, on late night west coast college basketball games.  When this happens, the pick will show up in next week’s scoreboard but count in this week’s totals.  We use the original match time to settle the game but will show it in the actual time it started in the scoreboard.  Reason for this is that if a pick is made to meet weekly minimum on Monday night, the team should be credited for this pick in that week and not get penalized for not meeting the minimum when he/she intended to meet minimum.

Do soccer match results include penalty kicks or golden goals?

For soccer matches, all games are based on result after 90 minutes of play. This includes any added injury or stoppage time, but does not include extra-time, time allocated for a penalty shootout or golden goal.

How do I upgrade to premium account?

Upgrading to a premium Sportspickr account can be done here.  See this link for premium features and pricing.

Note, if you are using Sportspickr’s mobile IOS or Android apps you must log into Sportspickr’s website to upgrade.


What is difference between “H2H PTS” and “TEAM PTS” in standings?

H2H show by default in standings for head-to-head leagues.  This is the  net won-loss total you have versus you opponents in head-to-head leagues.

Team Pts are points team has netted with only their own picks.  For Standard leagues, this will be same as Points.  Team Pts are not shown by default in Admin settings but can be show by turning this setting (no need to add in Standard leagues).