Exporting Scoreboard

If you want to create your own pivot tables or do a deep dive on your league’s pick data, you can select “Export” button at bottom of scoreboard and open with your favorite spreadsheet application.

The fields exported are as follows:

pick_id: Unique number that identifies picks.  For parlays and teasers, this field will have same value for all picks in parlay/teaser.

match_time: Time (in users timezone preference) game was played.

sport: Sport of game.

away_team: Away team name.

home_team: Home team name.

odd_type: Type of odd picked (game, quarter, half, etc).

line_type: Type of line picked (point spread, money line, over/under).

line: Line at time of pick.

pick: What side was picked.

standings_outcome: Outcome shown in standings. This can be different than “outcome” (below) if parlay/teaser pick and outcome was a loss because a parlay loses with a single loss in all picks. There can be winning picks in a parlay but the standings outcome will be a loss if any game loses.

outcome: Outcome of pick.

away_score: Score of away team.

home_score: Score of home team.

final_type: Outcome type of game (finished, postponed, withdrawl, etc).

team_name: League team name that made pick.

teased_points: If teaser, number of points teased.

vs_team_name: League team name of opponent of team that made pick.

points: Total points won/loss with pick.

potential_winnings: Points to win if single pick won or if all picks in teaser/parlay won.

is_parlay_parent: If game is in parlay, this flag will be set to indicate it is parent.  Only parents in parlays and teasers will have points.