19.05.12 Release – Day-by-day net graphs

With all the action in Sportspickr, you will often encounter many net point swings throughout the week. Today, Sportspickr released a feature to allow you to graphically see these swings.

The Standings table now has a graph icon whenever you select a week time range (this week, last week, Tues-Mon custom range). Selecting it will show the net points you had/have by day. If you select “This Week” it will show the current day’s real-time net total. Negative totals will be shown in red below the axis line. Green will show positive net totals.

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Share your Sportspickr scoreboard and standings

You can now share your current Sportspickr standings and scoreboard with anyone who wants to follow your team or league.

To enable sharing, league admins must turn on “Is public?” setting in league settings.


Once league is public, you will see a copy link icon below standings.  Click this and it will copy a url into your clipboard that you can share.



When your friends navigate to the copied URL they will see your league standings and scoreboard and be able to filter by team and date.  Note, they will not have access to any other league functionality like picks, preferences, etc.



Note: If admin stops sharing by turning off the “is public?” setting, the url shared will no longer work.

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