Team history cover update

Today we updated the team history page to show the total score for past games along with how many points went over and under each game.


Also, for point spread histories, we now show how many points the team covered ATS or missed ATS.



If you’re like me, this will save you from having to do a lot of 2nd grade math in your head to figure out how teams do against their numbers.

Moneyline help

Math is hard.  If you’re like me, moneyline pick payouts are  guesses because I can’t do this formula in my head:

Payout = risk * (odds/100) for positive lines


Payout = risk / (odds/100) for negative lines

Sportpickr now makes that easier.  Today we added a new feature that shows “Potential Win” for picks.  Now, when you select a side you will see exactly what you will win.  This has been available for parlays and teasers and is now available for single picks.

Potential Win next to pick:

Potential Win in confirmation:

Potential Win in Scoreboard:


Custom matchup settings

Today we released a feature that allows head-to-head matchups to have their own custom settings that are different from the standard league settings.

An example use case is when two teams, who play each other, want to increase the existing league pick limit from 30/week to 50/week.  They also want to allow up to 5 units per pick from the league max of 2 units.  This can now be allowed by the league administrator.

1.)  League Admin user, go to Admin->Schedule

2.) Find the matchup you want to update and expand it.  Each matchup inherits settings from the league settings but they can be overridden here. This shows all the settings that can be customized by matchup.

3.) After saving settings, when teams view “Matchup Settings” on League page, they will see the updates.

4.) The rest of the league teams still have the standard league settings.

Customized matchup settings last as long as the current schedule lasts.  So, if you have schedule locked, these settings will continue until schedule is unlocked and regenerated or manually changed by admin.


Line movement icons and pick save confirmation

Today we added a few new features to Sportspickr.  Check these out and look for more coming soon.

Save Pick Confirmation

When saving picks, you now get a confirmation.  If you prefer the old way and want to bypass this step, go to your preferences and turn off “Validate Pick Save” under Preferences->League Settings in the menu.


Scoreboard Line Movement Icons

In the scoreboard, premium users will now see the current line for games not yet started and a thumbs up or down to show you if the current line is better, the same, or worse than when you picked it.

In the example below, I picked Gasquet/Blaz under of 11.5 (-112).  The over under line is currently 11 so I have a favorable line relative to current offering so it’s green.

In the Ashleigh/Sabelenka match, I picked the under at 9.5 (-103).  I could of gotten 10.5 (-112) so I have a unfavorable line relative to what I picked so it’s red.

If you see a yellow/orange icon, the line hasn’t changed.  See Bucks/Wizards example below.



Additional Scoreboard Filtering

In the scoreboard dropdown for date range, you can now select”IN PROGRESS” and “FUTURE”  to filter games in action and games yet to start.