More league options

This week Sportspickr released a couple new features that gives admins a lot more flexibility when creating and running leagues.

First, in premium leagues, admins can now select what type of odd types to allow.  For example, you may want to only show game lines for a traditional bowl picks league.  Or, maybe your league wants to change it up one week and only allow NBA 1st quarter lines (so much fun!).  The combination of selecting odd types and line types can change anytime and allows for all kinds of contests to be created.

Second, we also added a feature that allows users to select a single pick for a game across all odd types.  This can be used, for example, if you create a Bowl Picks league and count wins as the winner for contest and want to allow users to select across point spreads and totals across all add types but only want to allow them to make a single pick for that game.  To do this, admin would create a Standard League, select NCAAF as only sport, uncheck moneyline line type and turn on option to “Only allow one pick per game”. If this option is selected the ability to select another pick for that game will be disabled as soon as first pick is made.

Weather Forecasts

This week Sportpickr released a feature for premium individual users that shows weather forecasts for NFL, NCAAF, and MLB games.  The weather forecast will include forecasted temperature, precipitation, and wind at the stadium when event starts.  This information, along with all the other individual premium insights, gives more insights into upcoming games to give an edge over the competition.

Admin notifications and Push update

This week we released two changes:

  • Admins can now get push notifications when a new member is added to league and when a member of league pauses or activates.  These alerts can help Admins manage schedules and proactively communicate changes to rest of league.  These controls can be found under preferences if user is Admin.

  • A small change was made in regards to events that get pushed.  If event is pushed, the points risked in that event will no longer count towards maximum points allowed for week but will count towards minimum. Note, matches that are postponed, suspended, etc are all pushed so those points are refunded, too.

More filters and admin controls

This week we release a few more new features to give more breakdowns on head-to-head matchups and scoreboard results.

Premium users can now filter head-to-head results by opponent.  This allows users to quickly see head-to-head results versus a particular opponent.   When you expand each row, results will show weekly results from that opponent only.



In scoreboard, premium individual users will see and advanced link like there is in Standings with same breakdown filters.  Now you can slice and dice your picks and see actual results.



Finally, we gave admins more control by allowing league admins to pause and activate users instead of needing to instruct users and waiting for them to do this if they go on vacation or want to come back when football starts.  Admins will now see a link in members page.

Just a reminder, pausing a team will prevent them making making anymore picks immediately and also remove them from upcoming/next week schedule.


No Vig Lines

Today Sportspickr added an option for Premium leagues to remove the vigorish (a.k.a “vig”) from all pick lines (moneylines, point spreads, and over/unders).  Vig is the spread sportsbooks add to lines above the probability line to give the house a margin.  Basically, it’s their margin for the cost of doing business.

Sportspickr’s lines from from a variety of sportsbooks so they all include this margin.  Since Sportspickr is not a sportsbook, we added the option to remove this vig and win/lose points based on just win probability.  If you want to used real Vegas lines that include the vig, use the default option and your league can continue to include it all lines to simulate a Vegas sportsbook.

Matchups with lines with vig (default setting):

Same matchups lines with vig removed (premium setting):


Regardless of what setting you use, the line history will always show the real line with vig.  This way leagues that remove vig can see what that line looks like in Vegas.


Below is a common example of what a vig line vs. non-vig line looks like.

Default line with vig shows:

ATL +8 (-110)  at DAL -8 (-110) where a 10 point pick wins 9 points.

When option to remove vig is checked, the lines will change to:

ATL +8 (+100)  at DAL -8 (+100) where a 10 point picks wins 10 points.

If you want to see more examples or understand how the vig is removed, this site has a great calculator and explanation.

If you are league admin, you can update this in advanced settings and change anytime.  Changing this setting takes effect immediately but any picks made prior to change will have previous line settings.  Below is setting found on admin page.


Note: Individual sports (PGA) do not have option to remove vig.

Mobile view and min/max picks updated

This week Sportspickr released a couple changes that you will surely notice. First, the scoreboard and standings page on mobile now shows more data on default view.  You no longer have to view in landscape mode to see opponents, points risked, and sport.  Standings, now, also shows points along with wins/losses/ties  in portrait mode.  These changes will make your mobile experience much better.


Another change we made this week is that we no longer have min/max number of picks to make each week.  Limits are now just based on points to risk each week.  Combining min/max points with min/max picks was too complicated and min/max picks wasn’t a feature widely used.




Filter Standings

Today’s release added a feature that allows Premium Individual users to filter standings by types of picks in head-to-head leagues.  To use, first select “Advanced” link in Standings for Picks.

Once expanded, you can filter by “vs. team” and type of pick.  If you select a team name in the vs. dropdown, you will see all results of how all teams have done versus that particular team.  This is interesting if you want to see who you have won and lost most points to in your league.

In pick type drop down you have three options: single, parlay, and teaser.  This will show you how many wins/points you have won/lost by those pick types.  If you select “single” you will get even more options.

When you select single, you can filter by line type (moneyline, point spread, total points). duration (game, first half, etc), sport (nfl, nba, nhl, etc), and even team.

These advanced filters are not available for teasers and parlays because there can be multiple of each of these these options in these pick types so the results won’t make sense and not reconcile with unfiltered points.

With advanced filtering, you can now slice and dice your past picks and zero in on your historic strengths and weaknesses.


18.5.2 Release – Injury Reports

Injuries move lines and Sportspickr now has injury reports for all NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and most NCAAF and NCAAB teams for Premium Individual users.  When you click on team details icon on Picks tab, you will see an injuries section on the top if there are injuries for that team.  This information is updated throughout the day so you can be more informed when making picks.


Masked Parlays

If your Sportspickr league hides opponent matches until start time in the scoreboard, you will appreciate tonight’s update.  Your parlay and teasers will now be blurred out for games that haven’t started when your opponent looks at the scoreboard.  Prior to this release, when first game of the parlay or teaser started, all games were shown.  By hiding future games, it will remove the ability for your opponent to hedge your future picks.  Your opponent will also not see the “Potential Points” in game Summary until last game starts.


Head-to-Head Standings

Today we released a much anticipated feature for head-to-head leagues.  There is now a second tab on Standings page that show weekly won/loss records by matchup.  When you expand a team you will see their weekly matchup results.  Now, head-to-head leagues have the option to decide winner by using point totals from picks (Picks tab) or weekly matchup results (Head-to-Head tab) or a combination of both.

The data in the Head-to-Head tab will get re-generated (usually within one our of change) whenever any of the following events occur:

  • Admin changes start date of league
  • Admin changes end date of league
  • Admin deletes a pick
  • Schedule is generated on Tuesday mornings.

Data is only shown for completed weeks.  Current week result will show up Tuesday am after schedule is generated for upcoming week.

Any teams that are removed from league by Admin will not show up in Standings but their historical matchup data will still show for active users.



Like all other Sportspickr pages, the Head-to-Head standings uses a responsive design so when looking at on mobile device, you will see more details when you turn to landscape mode.