21.08.09 Release – PGA Head-to-Head Picks

This week Sportspickr introduced PGA head-to-head picks for premium leagues. Be sure to contact your admin to add it if you do not see it on your picks page.

Here are few rules to note when picking PGA matchups.

  • Both golfers must tee off for picks to have action. If one player withdraws before the tournament starts, the match is cancelled.
  • Player with lowest score in regulation for tournament wins moneyline picks. Any scoring in playoffs is not used unless both players go to playoffs and the player with highest position wins after playoffs.
  • Point spread picks subtract (+1.5) strokes from final score or adds (-1.5) them. Favorites, like other sports, are giving strokes with negative points but these are added, not subtracted, from their final score. For example, if Jordan Spieth is -1.5 and finishes with -4, his total when computing winner will be -2.5. His opponent will subtract 1.5 from his score.
  • Point spreads take score from last hole of round 4 so any scoring in a playoff is ignored.
  • If a player is cut and his opponent makes cut, the opponent wins.
  • If both players miss the cut, the player with the lower score wins.
  • If a player withdraws during the match, he will lose unless his opponent withdraws before he does or is cut before he withdraws.

Scores are updated in real-time and you can track what round and hole each player is on in expanded scoreboard.

Good luck and look for more new features in coming weeks.

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