Team Search

It’s been too long but we finally have action, again. During the pandemic we were able to work on a few small things that I hope you will find useful.

On the Picks page, you can now look for matchups by searching for a team. There is now search box under the sports section that you can enter the name of the team and the picks will be filtered to match that team.

Another feature we added is the ability to quickly Google for a real-time score. Sportspickr’s scores update every few minutes for games and for periods and halves you must wait until the period is over. Now, when a game is “in progress” or “TBD” you can select that icon in the scoreboard and it will open a google search for that matchup with the latest score. Now there is no more hand typing “Terek Grozni vs Spartak Moscow” to get the latest overseas soccer update from your sadistic opponent’s pick.

For parlays, if you are using a Safari browser or the Sportpickr mobile app, it will open both matches if they are live. Other browsers may only open first matchup.