Bump Requests

For Premium Head-to-head leagues, teams can now customize their matchup settings. This is done with a new feature called “Bump Requests”. This feature is for matchups that want different limits for their current opponent than what the league has set as default. For example, the most common request is for increase in Max Points to Risk. Now, if you and your opponent want to have a bigger budget than league default, you can change these on your own.

On League page, go to bottom menu and select Matchup Settings. Here is where your current settings are shown for your matchup. These all default to the league settings set up by your admin.

Select Request Bump button at bottom.

Edit any of the values to what you would like them to be for current week. There are unlimited number of requests you can do so you can do incremental bumps throughout the week. For example, you can add a 200 points to the setting “Max points to pick” by changing the default value from 600 to 800. If you and your opponent quickly run through all 800 points, you can send another request later in week. These changed settings will only be in effect for current week.

After making changes, select “Send Request” and you opponent will get a notification to review the request and either accept it or reject it. They will also see a banner in app that they have a request to review. The changes requested will be red. If accepted, the changes are effective immediately. The sender of the request will get a notification that opponent has either accepted or rejected.

Prior to this release, admins could make these changes in schedule settings for each matchup. Now teams can quickly do this on their own. Custom matchups are a very popular feature on Sportspickr and we’re glad to make this easier for everyone.