Line movement notifications and more units options

This week Sportspickr added two new features we are excited to roll out: line movement alerts and ability to risk quarter units for picks.

Alerts for line movements are now available for Premium Individual users. When selected, you will get an alert when lines move for point spreads, moneylines, and total points for games selected.

To receive alert, expand game and turn on alert. You can receive an alert for game, quarter, etc. and will receive alert when lines change. For point spreads and totals you will only receive alert when the points or total changes and not the price (for example, -110 to -115). For moneylines, you will receive alert when the line changes by 15 or more points (for example, -110 to +105).

As soon as you turn on the alert it automatically saves so you don’t need to hit save button. You will see a bell icon next to game showing you that you have alert on that game. If you decide you no longer want to receive this alert, simply turn it off and the icon will go away and you no longer will receive alerts for this game/duration.

When lines change, you will get alert on mobile app and/or desktop that show what movement recently happened.

In addition to line movement notifications, Premium League users will notice a couple more buttons next to “Unit Risk” – if you league uses this option. First, when pressing the plus and minus buttons, the risk now increments by .25 units instead of whole units. We also added “max” and “min” buttons for quicker navigation, too.

We hope you enjoy and use these new features and look for more coming soon.