More league options

This week Sportspickr released a couple new features that gives admins a lot more flexibility when creating and running leagues.

First, in premium leagues, admins can now select what type of odd types to allow.  For example, you may want to only show game lines for a traditional bowl picks league.  Or, maybe your league wants to change it up one week and only allow NBA 1st quarter lines (so much fun!).  The combination of selecting odd types and line types can change anytime and allows for all kinds of contests to be created.

Second, we also added a feature that allows users to select a single pick for a game across all odd types.  This can be used, for example, if you create a Bowl Picks league and count wins as the winner for contest and want to allow users to select across point spreads and totals across all add types but only want to allow them to make a single pick for that game.  To do this, admin would create a Standard League, select NCAAF as only sport, uncheck moneyline line type and turn on option to “Only allow one pick per game”. If this option is selected the ability to select another pick for that game will be disabled as soon as first pick is made.