More filters and admin controls

This week we release a few more new features to give more breakdowns on head-to-head matchups and scoreboard results.

Premium users can now filter head-to-head results by opponent.  This allows users to quickly see head-to-head results versus a particular opponent.   When you expand each row, results will show weekly results from that opponent only.



In scoreboard, premium individual users will see and advanced link like there is in Standings with same breakdown filters.  Now you can slice and dice your picks and see actual results.



Finally, we gave admins more control by allowing league admins to pause and activate users instead of needing to instruct users and waiting for them to do this if they go on vacation or want to come back when football starts.  Admins will now see a link in members page.

Just a reminder, pausing a team will prevent them making making anymore picks immediately and also remove them from upcoming/next week schedule.