No Vig Lines

Today Sportspickr added an option for Premium leagues to remove the vigorish (a.k.a “vig”) from all pick lines (moneylines, point spreads, and over/unders).  Vig is the spread sportsbooks add to lines above the probability line to give the house a margin.  Basically, it’s their margin for the cost of doing business.

Sportspickr’s lines from from a variety of sportsbooks so they all include this margin.  Since Sportspickr is not a sportsbook, we added the option to remove this vig and win/lose points based on just win probability.  If you want to used real Vegas lines that include the vig, use the default option and your league can continue to include it all lines to simulate a Vegas sportsbook.

Matchups with lines with vig (default setting):

Same matchups lines with vig removed (premium setting):


Regardless of what setting you use, the line history will always show the real line with vig.  This way leagues that remove vig can see what that line looks like in Vegas.


Below is a common example of what a vig line vs. non-vig line looks like.

Default line with vig shows:

ATL +8 (-110)  at DAL -8 (-110) where a 10 point pick wins 9 points.

When option to remove vig is checked, the lines will change to:

ATL +8 (+100)  at DAL -8 (+100) where a 10 point picks wins 10 points.

If you want to see more examples or understand how the vig is removed, this site has a great calculator and explanation.

If you are league admin, you can update this in advanced settings and change anytime.  Changing this setting takes effect immediately but any picks made prior to change will have previous line settings.  Below is setting found on admin page.


Note: Individual sports (PGA) do not have option to remove vig.