Filter Standings

Today’s release added a feature that allows Premium Individual users to filter standings by types of picks in head-to-head leagues.  To use, first select “Advanced” link in Standings for Picks.

Once expanded, you can filter by “vs. team” and type of pick.  If you select a team name in the vs. dropdown, you will see all results of how all teams have done versus that particular team.  This is interesting if you want to see who you have won and lost most points to in your league.

In pick type drop down you have three options: single, parlay, and teaser.  This will show you how many wins/points you have won/lost by those pick types.  If you select “single” you will get even more options.

When you select single, you can filter by line type (moneyline, point spread, total points). duration (game, first half, etc), sport (nfl, nba, nhl, etc), and even team.

These advanced filters are not available for teasers and parlays because there can be multiple of each of these these options in these pick types so the results won’t make sense and not reconcile with unfiltered points.

With advanced filtering, you can now slice and dice your past picks and zero in on your historic strengths and weaknesses.