Head-to-Head Standings

Today we released a much anticipated feature for head-to-head leagues.  There is now a second tab on Standings page that show weekly won/loss records by matchup.  When you expand a team you will see their weekly matchup results.  Now, head-to-head leagues have the option to decide winner by using point totals from picks (Picks tab) or weekly matchup results (Head-to-Head tab) or a combination of both.

The data in the Head-to-Head tab will get re-generated (usually within one our of change) whenever any of the following events occur:

  • Admin changes start date of league
  • Admin changes end date of league
  • Admin deletes a pick
  • Schedule is generated on Tuesday mornings.

Data is only shown for completed weeks.  Current week result will show up Tuesday am after schedule is generated for upcoming week.

Any teams that are removed from league by Admin will not show up in Standings but their historical matchup data will still show for active users.



Like all other Sportspickr pages, the Head-to-Head standings uses a responsive design so when looking at on mobile device, you will see more details when you turn to landscape mode.