Custom matchup settings

Today we released a feature that allows head-to-head matchups to have their own custom settings that are different from the standard league settings.

An example use case is when two teams, who play each other, want to increase the existing league pick limit from 30/week to 50/week.  They also want to allow up to 5 units per pick from the league max of 2 units.  This can now be allowed by the league administrator.

1.)  League Admin user, go to Admin->Schedule

2.) Find the matchup you want to update and expand it.  Each matchup inherits settings from the league settings but they can be overridden here. This shows all the settings that can be customized by matchup.

3.) After saving settings, when teams view “Matchup Settings” on League page, they will see the updates.

4.) The rest of the league teams still have the standard league settings.

Customized matchup settings last as long as the current schedule lasts.  So, if you have schedule locked, these settings will continue until schedule is unlocked and regenerated or manually changed by admin.