18.1.2 Release – Line movement icons and pick save confirmation

Today we added a few new features to Sportspickr.  Check these out and look for more coming soon.

Save Pick Confirmation

When saving picks, you now get a confirmation.  If you prefer the old way and want to bypass this step, go to your preferences and turn off “Validate Pick Save” under Preferences->League Settings in the menu.


Scoreboard Line Movement Icons

In the scoreboard, premium users will now see the current line for games not yet started and a thumbs up or down to show you if the current line is better, the same, or worse than when you picked it.

In the example below, I picked Gasquet/Blaz under of 11.5 (-112).  The over under line is currently 11 so I have a favorable line relative to current offering so it’s green.

In the Ashleigh/Sabelenka match, I picked the under at 9.5 (-103).  I could of gotten 10.5 (-112) so I have a unfavorable line relative to what I picked so it’s red.

If you see a yellow/orange icon, the line hasn’t changed.  See Bucks/Wizards example below.



Additional Scoreboard Filtering

In the scoreboard dropdown for date range, you can now select”IN PROGRESS” and “FUTURE”  to filter games in action and games yet to start.



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