Betting Splits

This week, Premium Team users will see a new features in matchup details.

A new section has been added named “Betting Splits”. This section shows how much public money and bets are being bet on each side. It’s available for point spreads, moneylines, and totals for most major sport matchups complete games.

Open Line: Line when match was originally posted
Current Line: Line currently available (moneylines are shown with vig included)
Handle: % of the total amount of dollars bet
Bets: % of the number of bets

Team Search

It’s been too long but we finally have action, again. During the pandemic we were able to work on a few small things that I hope you will find useful.

On the Picks page, you can now look for matchups by searching for a team. There is now search box under the sports section that you can enter the name of the team and the picks will be filtered to match that team.

Another feature we added is the ability to quickly Google for a real-time score. Sportspickr’s scores update every few minutes for games and for periods and halves you must wait until the period is over. Now, when a game is “in progress” or “TBD” you can select that icon in the scoreboard and it will open a google search for that matchup with the latest score. Now there is no more hand typing “Terek Grozni vs Spartak Moscow” to get the latest overseas soccer update from your sadistic opponent’s pick.

For parlays, if you are using a Safari browser or the Sportpickr mobile app, it will open both matches if they are live. Other browsers may only open first matchup.

ATS Stats

For Sportspickr Premium Individual users, when you click on the info icon next to team name, you will now see each team’s record against the spread for current season. ROI% is the return on your picks if you picked the team to cover each game. FADE% is the return on your picks if you faded (picked against) the team on every pick.

Note: If you don’t see the “I” icon next the team names, your Sportspickr Premium Individual membership expired. You can renew here.

Bump Requests

For Premium Head-to-head leagues, teams can now customize their matchup settings. This is done with a new feature called “Bump Requests”. This feature is for matchups that want different limits for their current opponent than what the league has set as default. For example, the most common request is for increase in Max Points to Risk. Now, if you and your opponent want to have a bigger budget than league default, you can change these on your own.

On League page, go to bottom menu and select Matchup Settings. Here is where your current settings are shown for your matchup. These all default to the league settings set up by your admin.

Select Request Bump button at bottom.

Edit any of the values to what you would like them to be for current week. There are unlimited number of requests you can do so you can do incremental bumps throughout the week. For example, you can add a 200 points to the setting “Max points to pick” by changing the default value from 600 to 800. If you and your opponent quickly run through all 800 points, you can send another request later in week. These changed settings will only be in effect for current week.

After making changes, select “Send Request” and you opponent will get a notification to review the request and either accept it or reject it. They will also see a banner in app that they have a request to review. The changes requested will be red. If accepted, the changes are effective immediately. The sender of the request will get a notification that opponent has either accepted or rejected.

Prior to this release, admins could make these changes in schedule settings for each matchup. Now teams can quickly do this on their own. Custom matchups are a very popular feature on Sportspickr and we’re glad to make this easier for everyone.

Listing icons

With today’s release, premium individual users will see bad weather icons in the list of games on Picks page. If the game is forecasted to have rain, snow, fog, or wind you will see indicator with icon. When you open game, you can see details of weather forecast.

Another feature added is that you will now see an asterisk next to team names if they are playing a back-to-back game. This will not be shown for baseball games but can be insightful with NBA and Hockey games.

We hope these features help find opportunities easier and help make more winning picks!

Super Picks

For leagues that want a little more juice on certain number of picks, Sportpickr has introduced a new feature we call Super Picks. Super picks allow teams to make larger risk picks for a limited number of picks.

For example, let’s use a league that is currently set up to have a min units per pick to risk of 1 unit and a max number units per pick to risk at 2 units. If no super units are defined by admin, they would only be able to risk 2 units max per pick.

If admin sets Super Picks number of picks to 10 with max super picks units set to 5, teams will have 10 picks each week where they can risk 5 units. Once they have used all 3 super picks, the max units will only be 2 units in unit selector for pick.

Day-by-day net graphs

With all the action in Sportspickr, you will often encounter many net point swings throughout the week. Today, Sportspickr released a feature to allow you to graphically see these swings.

The Standings table now has a graph icon whenever you select a week time range (this week, last week, Tues-Mon custom range). Selecting it will show the net points you had/have by day. If you select “This Week” it will show the current day’s real-time net total. Negative totals will be shown in red below the axis line. Green will show positive net totals.

Game start alerts

Today Sportspickr released game start alerts. This feature will send you an alert – desktop or mobile notification (depending on your settings) – when a game you picked starts or when a game your opponent picked starts. Both are configurable in preferences page under League Settings.

When selected, a notification will be sent to let you know you how many picks you or your opponent has made when the game starts.

Line movement notifications and more units options

This week Sportspickr added two new features we are excited to roll out: line movement alerts and ability to risk quarter units for picks.

Alerts for line movements are now available for Premium Individual users. When selected, you will get an alert when lines move for point spreads, moneylines, and total points for games selected.

To receive alert, expand game and turn on alert. You can receive an alert for game, quarter, etc. and will receive alert when lines change. For point spreads and totals you will only receive alert when the points or total changes and not the price (for example, -110 to -115). For moneylines, you will receive alert when the line changes by 15 or more points (for example, -110 to +105).

As soon as you turn on the alert it automatically saves so you don’t need to hit save button. You will see a bell icon next to game showing you that you have alert on that game. If you decide you no longer want to receive this alert, simply turn it off and the icon will go away and you no longer will receive alerts for this game/duration.

When lines change, you will get alert on mobile app and/or desktop that show what movement recently happened.

In addition to line movement notifications, Premium League users will notice a couple more buttons next to “Unit Risk” – if you league uses this option. First, when pressing the plus and minus buttons, the risk now increments by .25 units instead of whole units. We also added “max” and “min” buttons for quicker navigation, too.

We hope you enjoy and use these new features and look for more coming soon.

Guess the Lines

“Guess the Lines” is a popular game many of us do either by ourselves or with our buddies.  The idea is to look at a matchup and guess either the point spread or totals for that matchup before looking at them.  If your line guess is considerably different than what is shown, there may be value in picking that line.  Today, Sportpickr added a feature to make that easy to do.

Premium individual users will now see a “Hide Lines” switch under the sports on Picks page.  By turning this on, the lines will no longer show on the listings page.  When going through each game, you can expand the matchup to see how close your guess was.  You can toggle back and forth and see update happen immediately without needing to refresh page.  By default, lines are still shown so you can quickly see the lines without needing to expand.